Donald Trump hopes to revive his campaign with the Republican convention

The Republican convention begins on Monday for a period of four days, after which Donald Trump must formally accept the nomination of his party. A sequence that should allow the billionaire to try to regain momentum, while he is dominated by Democrat Joe Biden in the polls.

Late in the vote against Joe Biden, Donald Trump addresses the Republican Party convention that opens Monday, August 24 in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the obligation to revive.

Like the Democratic equivalent, the Republican convention will be mostly virtual due to the coronavirus and very few speakers will speak from Charlotte.

If he will be in Charlotte on Monday, unlike Joe Biden who did not go to Milwaukee, where the Democratic convention was held, Donald Trump will not be entitled to the popular crowd he relied heavily on, only a handful of delegates did resan. He will compensate for this by intervening during each of the four days of the conference, while the candidates traditionally only speak at the end of the day.

Speech at the White House

The head of state will give his introductory speech on Thursday from the White House, which made a certain hug, including on the Republican side, some who taste a bit of the mix between president and candidate.

Virtually in the future in all national polls for weeks, given the beatings in many key states, the US head of state wants to gain momentum again, as he could have done in 2016 after a difficult summer.

To achieve this, the campaign team is counting on a “very optimistic and cheerful” convention, adviser Jason Miller told NBC on Sunday. The idea, according to former President of the White House under Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders, is to decide with the adopted apocalyptic tone of the Democratic convention, completely facing the threat of a re-election of the current president.

Defend your balance sheet

The goal is also to defend the record of the 45th US President, currently beaten for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and whose trump card, namely the health of the economy, is no longer an asset.

“You will hear the president and others, talk about all his successes over the last four years,” during the congress, Sarah Sanders announced, referring in particular to “better trade agreements, higher wages and reduced taxation.”

From the Middle East, where he travels, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to discuss the Trump administration’s diplomatic progress, an unusual intervention for this type of event.

“We will show the impact on real people that the Trump-Pence administration has had,” Kellyanne Conway, a close adviser to Donald Trump, told Fox News. “You will hear them right away.”

African American speakers

The convention also secured the presence of several African-American speakers, in an effort to gather some of the world voters who are world-hostile to it, including Tim Scott, the only black Republican senator.

But many expect the US president to quickly return to his usual rhetoric, which polarizes rather than unites.

“He continues to dig his grave,” former Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe told Fox News in 2008. “And the question is whether he will be able to change next week.” If Donald Trump stays on his line, he warns, “his base will love it, they will be excited, but the rest of America will lose.”

With AFP