Donald Trump officially invested by the Republican Party in the US presidential election

US President Donald Trump was officially invested on Monday by the Republican Party as a candidate for re-election in the presidential election on November 3.

It is not surprising that Donald Trump will be a candidate for re-election in the US presidential election on November 3, after the Republican Party officially invested him on Monday, August 24.

The approximately 330 Grand Old Party delegates gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina, nominated the president as their candidate on the first day of the Republican Congress.

One by one, Republican representatives from each of the 50 U.S. states, alphabetically with Alabama, announced their support for the president. The threshold for the 1,276 votes needed to win the nomination was crossed shortly after noon.

The threshold for the 1,276 votes needed to win the nomination was crossed shortly after noon.

Democrats in the United States President

Donald Trump began his campaign by accusing Democrats of “stealing” the upcoming presidential election. The US president has, largely in the future in the national polls, beaten in many important states, promised from Charlotte, North Carolina, a new victory, after the surprise in 2016.

To galvanize his election base, he has been agitating for several weeks, with no concrete elements to support, the disappointment of fraud related to postal voting that will occupy a more important place this year due to the coronavirus.

“The only way they can deprive us of victory is if the election is rigged (…) They use Covid to steal the election,” he said during a long speech at your willing provocation, during which he praised his record.

Donald Trump was worried about highlighting the contrast with Joe Biden, whom he has nicknamed the “sleeping Joe” and the trip to Charlotte on the first day of the Republican convention.

“I felt compelled to come to North Carolina,” he explained. “We did this out of respect for North Carolina and I think you will remember it on November 3,” he added, noting that his opponent had not traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This high mass of the Republican Party, as well as its democratic counterpart that has just ended, comes, with the exception of the first day, mostly virtually due to the pandemic.

Donald Trump targets CNN and MSNBC

In a tweet sent from Air Force One, Donald Trump was outraged earlier in the day that CNN and MSNBC do not broadcast this state-by-state voice live.

“Fake News!” He said. “This is what the Republican Party has to fight against,” he added.

Earlier in the morning, Vice President Mike Pence was also nominated by his party as Vice Presidential candidate.

“America needs another four years from Donald Trump in the White House,” he said in a brief speech.

“I heard last week that democracy was at stake,” he said, referring to a phrase repeatedly used by Democrats at their congress. “But we all know that the economy is at stake, law and order is at stake.”

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