in Marrakech treated Covid-19 patients under “catastrophic conditions”

Since August 18, images reflecting the chaotic situation at Ibn Zohr Hospital – known as Mamounia Hospital – to which all Covid-19 cases in Marrakech have been redirected, have been widely shared. in Morocco. We see coronavirus patients sleeping on the floor, being treated in unhealthy conditions and doctors warning of the dire shortage of medical equipment. Caregivers at this historic hospital in Marrakech condemn poor administrative management.Covid-19 tariffs in Morocco have reached record highs in recent days: 42 more deaths in 24 hours, according to Ministry of Health on August 21, a total of 817 deaths in the kingdom since the beginning of the pandemic. The Marrakech-Safi region, particularly affected by the pandemic, has closed to several neighborhoods August 16 in the most affected urban areas. On the evening of August 21, according to Marrakech Safi Regional Health Directoratethe region had 7,865 cases and 166 deaths.

In the shared photos and videos, we see patients sleeping on the floor, without equipment and no hospital beds. Patients testify and claim to have been denied a lack of space, forcing them to sleep on the sidewalk in front of the building.


A patient admitted to La Mamounia filmed this video. She walks in the corridors of the hospital where the trash and patients are stacked. She enters a room where a body lies covered from head to knees on a bed. She claims that this is a Covid-19 death that was left in her room.A desperate call from the medical staff

Healthcare staff, disappointed, observed a sit-in Monday, August 17 in front of the hospital to condemn the working conditions and mismanagement of the Ministry of Health.

This angry doctor from Mamounia Hospital testified on August 18 to Moroccan media I3lam Tv :

We ask those responsible [du ministère de la Santé] to support us during this pandemic. If anyone came to this hospital, they would see the harsh reality. We lack resources and oxygen, people sleep on the floor. La Mamounia receives almost 100 people [du Covid-19] per day, where are we going to put all these people? Everyone from Marrakech and its surroundings comes to Mamounia. Here we do the tests, we process. The reception capacity is exceeded. People come all the time and I have to tell them, “I can do nothing for you.” The situation is catastrophic! It is not normal what we are allowed to live, the healthcare staff suffers from the neglect of the authorities, and in addition, the patients insult us and urge us to take care of them. We fight with the disease and also with the sick. We work almost around the clock, we can not take it anymore! A sick person should stay at home and not sleep on the floor of our hospital.
The minister did not even go to a single hospital, is he afraid of his family? Employees here have not seen their families in weeks. When prescribing medications or tests, [la direction] says there is nothing. We need urgent and necessary intervention.

Dr. Ilham Barghou, an emergency physician at Mamounia Hospital, also spoke about the microphone in the same media:

All cases of coronavirus attacks in Marrakech are targeted here at Mamounia. What is the point of welcoming patients to the hospital under inhuman conditions and without oxygen? How can we treat patients when we can not afford to sleep them in a hospital bed?

Moroccan Health Minister Khalid Aït Taleb traveled four days after the start of the post, on August 20, to the CHR (Regional Hospital Center) in Ibn Tofail, east of the city. He met caregivers and doctors from the structure, who directly asked him for help with equipment, but also to examine the distribution of patients with Covid-19 in Marrakech. However, the Minister did not visit Mamounia Hospital.a press conference was held on the same day that a field hospital was to be built Ibn Tofail CHU car park. It will be devoted to the care of patients with Covid-19 and aims to alleviate Mamounia’s burden.

The development of the field hospital dedicated to Covid-19 patients in Ibn Tofail, which is still ongoing from 22 August.

But a few days after the minister’s visit, patients there claim that the situation has not changed in Mamounia. “It’s even worse than last week,” the author comments on this video, which was shot on August 23 at the entrance to the hospital.

According to unions, Ibn Zohr Hospital is not authorized to accommodate so many patients, let alone during a pandemic period, due to its small structure from the early 20th century. In addition, the structure has functioned without handling since 14 August. Its director has resigned 10 days after taking office and regrets significant gaps in medical equipment and staffing in front of hundreds of patients who lived there in early August.