Mali’s uncertain future, the military and ECOWAS still in talks

On the front page of this newspaper, the development of the situation in Mali, or rather its stagnation, the military in power since their coup and ECOWAS have still not reached an agreement after three days of discussion. It is the transfer of power to civilians that is at stake.

Pascal Lissouba, the former president of the Republic of Congo, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease during his last years of life, died this Monday, August 24, in Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales. The trained researcher will have marked the political history of his country.

Alassane Ouattara was invested on Saturday by his party in the presidential election, a candidacy that shares Côte d’Ivoire, violence erupted in this announcement. The Ivorian president’s desire to run for a third term had already caused clashes in the country.