PSG-Bayern: Ginola would have liked more aggression in the final

At the RMC microphone, David Ginola, a former PSG striker, regretted that the players did not put more aggression against the Germans.

On Sunday night, PSG had a golden opportunity to write the story of French football. But beaten by Bayern Munich, Kylian Mbappé’s teammates failed to win the club’s first Champions League, the fault of a lack of realism against Manuel Neuer but also a lack of aggression, according to David Ginola.

“At 1-0 I saw Bayern players strain the ball carrier, they tackled, they were very aggressive, because they realized you have to be aggressive. PSG have lacked aggression,” the former club striker told RMC.

Winner of the 1996 Cup of Cups, David Ginola tried a comparison with his time.

“I remember PSG-Marseille, against Eric (Di Meco), where Marseille won because the players knew how to put their foot on the ball or even on the ankle,” David Ginola insists. At one point, football c is too. I “Talking about positive aggression. And the end of crying, I think it’s crying too because the players realize they have not used everything that was at their disposal.”