Researchers confirm the first case of re-infection in Hong Kong

A Hong Kong resident recovering from covid-19 was infected with coronavirus again, more than four months after his recovery. This first confirmed case of human re-infection was announced on Monday by researchers at the University of Hong Kong.

Fears of the limited efficacy of antibodies to Covid-19 increased following the announcement on Monday, August 24, of a re-infection of a man with coronavirus four and a half months after his recovery. This is the first confirmed case, according to researchers at the University of Hong Kong behind this study.

The patient, a 33-year-old Hong Kong man, was declared cured by Covid-19 last April but tested positive a second time after returning from Spain via the UK on 15 August. The man was infected with another strain of coronavirus from his first infection and he did not develop any symptoms the second time.

Vaccination is not necessarily unnecessary

The findings suggest that the disease, which has claimed more than 800,000 lives worldwide, is likely to continue to spread despite group immunity, they pointed out.

“This finding does not mean that vaccination will be unnecessary,” Dr Kai-Wang To, one of the study’s authors, told Reuters.

“Immunity induced by vaccination may differ from that of natural infection.”

Cases of people testing positive for coronavirus after recovery have already been reported in China. However, it is not known if this was a new infection, as in the Hong Kong patient, or if the virus was still present in the body after the first infection.

With Reuters