Ronaldinho was released after more than five months in custody for forgery

Ronaldinho and his brother, in custody since March 6 in a case of false official documents, were released on Monday by justice in Paraguay. The ex-Brazilian football player must pay a fine of 90,000 dollars for “damage to society”.

Former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho, who has been detained in Paraguay for more than five months for using false official documents, has been released, the referee in charge of the case announced on Monday (August 24). The magistrate also granted the release of the brother of ex-Brazilian player Roberto de Assis Moreira. The two men had been in custody since March 6.

Ronaldinho, “is free to travel to any country in the world he (he) pleases, but he will have to announce if he changes his permanent address” for a period of one year, the magistrate said. “From now on, the deprivation of liberty measure will be lifted. (Ronaldinho) is not subject to any restriction other than that of compensation for harm to society,” he added.

Wearing a black beret, wearing a shirt of the same color and jeans and the former player told the referee to “accept” the prosecution’s proposal for a “conditional suspension of proceedings” since the sanction planned does not exceed two years. The prosecutor demanded that Ronaldinho pay a $ 90,000 fine for “harm to society.”

Counterfeit passports

After being arrested at a police station in Asunción, where the Ballon d’Or in 2005 celebrated its 40th anniversary on March 21, the two brothers had been under house arrest for almost five months at a luxury hotel in the capital, against the deposit. bond of $ 1.6 million.

When they will promote a book, they are accused of having entered Paraguay for having forged passports. About 18 people have already been arrested in connection with the case, most of them immigrants or police officers.

Defense sources have indicated that Ronaldinho and his brother will travel to Brazil on a private flight as soon as possible, once the corresponding approvals have been obtained.

With AFP