“There will be pollution in the school” but “we will deal with it”, assures Jean-François Delfraissy

The chairman of the Swedish Research Council, Jean-François Delfraissy, considers it “fundamental” that the school year begins to be planned for 1 September, despite Covid-19. “There will be pollution in the school” but “we will deal with it”, he assured Monday

The start of the school year, Tuesday 1 September, will take place this year in a special health context. “There will be pollution in the school”, but “we will deal with them”, insured on Monday 24 August at Franceinfo President of the Swedish Research Council, Jean-François Delfraissy.

“It is necessary that re-entry can take place. And I announce from the beginning that there will be pollution in the school, and that we will deal with it,” the chairman of the body advising the government said during the pandemic.

“There will be children who will infect themselves and there will probably be some teachers who will contaminate themselves. Well, we will deal with that,” he added.

“We can now test, we must make a great effort for isolation (positive cases to avoid infection, the editor’s remark), but we must be part of this risk management strategy,” he continued, emphasizing that “there is no zero risk”.

Professor Delfraissy says he relies on “the knowledge we have acquired about the circulation of the virus in children.” “Children are carriers of the virus, but (…) in small amounts” and “the severe forms in children are exceptional”, he recalled. In addition, “the transmission observed in school is not from children to teachers or parents, but rather from teachers or parents to children”.

In case of proven infection “can we close the class”

“It is fundamental that school is resumed,” the researcher asked. “We can not leave this generation of children without resuming,” he insisted, stressing the school’s “role as social support” for “the children of the most disadvantaged families.”

In the event of a proven infection, “we can close the class,” says Professor Delfraissy. “Closing the school, we have to think carefully about it, it will depend on the environment around this school in general”.

He is also not in favor of a regular screening of teachers: “We will not test (them) every week or every 15 days. It is not possible”. But “at the slightest suspicion at the same time that inside a class, a family relationship or a teacher who has had contact, yes, there we test in a very, very broad way.”

Finally, Professor Delfraissy “does not oppose” the provision of free masks in schools.

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