TikTok confirms the filing of a complaint against the US government

The Chinese video sharing app TikTok confirmed on Monday that it will file a complaint against the US government. This follows the decree of Donald Trump who accuses him of espionage and soon wants to ban every transaction of the Chinese social network with American partners.

TikTok strikes back. The Chinese application confirmed, on Monday, August 24, that it would file a complaint against the US government. An approach that responds to the decree of Donald Trump, who accuses him of spying on Beijing and too soon wants to ban all transactions by TikTok with US partners.

“We completely do not agree with the administration’s position that TikTok is a threat to national security,” the company explains in a blog post.

“With this executive order threatening to ban our US operations – in the process of wiping out the creation of 10,000 US jobs and irreversibly harming millions of Americans who turn to this app for entertainment and a particularly important livelihood during the pandemic – we simply have no choice, adds TikTok.

With AFP