UEFA, Ceferin: “Final 8 did not distort the Champions League”

The UEFA president congratulated PSG on his European trip and gave his opinion on the Final 8 which took place in Lisbon.

A Champions League finalist for the first time in its history, PSG have taken a step forward on the European stage this season, nine years after the arrival of Qataris investors to the head of the main club. In an interview with L’Equipe, UEFA President Alexander Ceferin defended the European institution’s openness to the arrival of new investors and “new rich” such as PSG and the City of Manchester.

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The Champions League does not exclude any team. The new investors, the oldest, all have a chance. PSG played a fantastic final tournament. They have fantastic players and largely deserve their careers. PSG or Manchester City do a good job. The success of PSG proves that they have invested in the right players, that the club is well organized and that everything else, everything that is said behind the scenes, is not so important.UEFA respects all its clubs equally“, Alexander Ceferin explained.

“In C1, everyone can beat everyone”

UEFA president pleased with “Final 8” format: “This “Final 8” did not distort the Champions League. The closed door represents a significant prejudice, as the atmosphere is obviously not the same. But for the rest, the damage is not many. The quarterfinals and semifinals, played in a single match, yielded some interesting games. We have an exciting tournament. The health crisis introduced this solution on us, but in the end the feedback we have is very positive.

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Alexander Ceferin denied the creation of a closed league: “It’s nice when you have a wonderful “product”. You can change things to make it even bigger. But if you do not change something, it remains excellent. My personal opinion is that we need to discuss with the stakeholders to make our competitions even more attractive. But I really do not know which direction to go. We will decide at the end of the year or at the beginning of next year. “.

“Four big clubs have played in the semi-finals of the Champions League: PSG, Bayern, Leipzig and Lyon. In C1, everyone can beat everyone. There are no big and small, there are the good and the bad. A European Super League with 12 or more and with 24 clubs would be a very boring competition. When I talk to the supposed big clubs, I see no point in creating a Super League. Sometimes one of them expresses himself on this subject. But they know very well that the Champions League is the world’s best sports competition. “, concluded the UEFA president.