England premieres Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden, Harry Maguire very present

Gareth Southgate called Manchester United and City forward for the first time. The coach confirmed his support for Maguire.

Champions League over, it is the turn of the national elections to get back on the road after months of waiting due to coronavirus. Two matches are scheduled for European countries with the resumption of the Nations League in early September.

The list of Gareth Southgate was inevitably expected because England wanted to know if the coach would call Harry Maguire, confused in a legal case in Greece after a match in Mykonos.

The answer is yes because the former Aston Villa defender has retained his support for the Manchester United captain for the fixtures against Iceland and Denmark.

“Yes, it’s definitely a decision that’s not easy,” the boss admitted at a press conference. from what is reported. “

“In these cases, I think you can only make decisions based on the facts that you are aware of. Of course, if the facts change later, I will have to reconsider that decision.”

The Maguire deal, at the center of English news for several days, virtually ignored the first summonses of Mason Greenwood (Manchester United), Phil Foden (Manchester City) and Kalvin Phillips, while the latter played in the championship with Leeds last season.