In DR Congo, vaccinations against the measles epidemic ended

The measles epidemic wave, which has killed more than 7,000 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has ended, the health ministry said on Tuesday. And to warn of the continuation of vaccination campaigns to prevent the disease from recurring in the country.

So far in the grip of a measles epidemic, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has lamented the loss of more than 7,000 children in less than twenty-five months. The Congolese Minister of Health declared the end of this deadly wave in Kinshasa on Tuesday, August 25, while insisting on continuing the vaccination campaigns.

“For a month now, we can say that this epidemic has been eliminated throughout our territory […]. We can say that measles no longer exists “in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” said Minister Eteni Longondo at a news conference.

He also warned that “routine vaccinations will continue” with children to avoid a resurgence of this disease that experiences “periodic peaks”.

Covid-19 and Ebola continue to threaten the Congolese

The first cases of measles were recorded in July 2018. In January 2020, the WHO declared that it had identified “more than 335,413 suspected cases and 6,362 deaths”.

Measles is not the only battle, the DRC is currently fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, which has killed 251 people out of the 9,891 cases registered since March 10.

An Ebola-hemorrhagic fever epidemic also broke out on June 1 in Equateur Province (Northwest) and has already killed 43 people, according to the latest official figures.

With AFP