Lionel Messi intends to leave FC Barcelona, ​​the football planet in turmoil

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, who is still under contract with FC Barcelona until June 30, 2021, announced to the club on Tuesday by registered mail that he “unilaterally” wants to terminate his contract, AFP confirmed a source within the club.

Thunderbolt at Barça: number 10 of Blaugranas, Lionel Messi, announced to his club on Tuesday, August 25, that he wants to terminate his contract. Still engaged to FC Barcelona until 30 June 2021, “Pulga” was probably tired of a nightmare season and bored of an unconvincing sports project.

To this is the terrible 8-2 box that his team suffered on August 14 in the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich.

The player’s lawyers have sent the club a registered letter in which they announce that Messi, 33, is willing to terminate his contract unilaterally, according to a clause that expired on June 10. But the club believes his contract is still valid until June 30, 2021, AFP confirmed a source within the Catalan club on Tuesday night.

“In principle, this clause expired on June 10, but the atypical nature of this seasonal course of coronavirus has paved the way for Messi to ask to be released from his contract now. This is a first step towards opening negotiations on his resignation. , on the basis of his release clause amounting to 700 million euros, “said Marca, Spain’s best-selling newspaper on Tuesday night.

This warning shot could therefore be followed by a showdown between experts to determine whether the validity of this clause can be extended, given that the season in Spain was reduced between March and June.

“Total bomb”

After six months of publicly showing his fatigue in the face of a devastated club and a disastrous season, between disappointing sports results and cascading scandals, the six-time Ballon d’Or has taken action. According to the Spanish sports press, Messi met the new Barca coach Ronald Koeman last week and told him that he saw himself “more outside than inside” at the club.

This “total bomb”, as Argentina’s leading sports newspaper Olé described it, comes eleven days after Barça’s terrible route against Bayern Munich, which started a revolution within the Catalan club.

During the process, the coach Quique Setién was fired, replaced by Ronald Koeman. The latter, according to the Catalan special press, would have communicated on Monday to Messi’s great friend, the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, whom he did not count on him for next season, as well as other Barça bosses such as Arturo Vidal, Ivan Rakitic and Samuel Umtiti. A phone call that undoubtedly fulfilled the wishes for the departure of the legend blaugrana.

“Respect and admiration, Leo. All my support, my friend,” ex-blaugrana legend Carles Puyol wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night.

“When you lock a tiger in a cage, he does not leave, he fights !!!”, Messi’s Chilean teammate Arturo Vidal said on Twitter on Tuesday night.

A release clause amounts to 700 million euros

If Messi leaves Catalonia, it would be the end of a long and beautiful love story between Argentina’s “Pulga” and Barça: when he arrived at the club in 2000 at the age of 13, Messi then stepped through. within one of the most prestigious clubs in the world to achieve the status of “best player of all time”, as ensured in Barcelona.

It is above all an earthquake for the football world, which has a hard time imagining the Argentine superstar in colors other than Catalan red and blue.

Negotiations on his astronomical release clause, which has so far been set at 700 million euros, will be decisive for his eventual departure from the club, as was the case for the transfer of his eternal Portuguese rival Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus Turin, in July 2018, against 105 million.

According to the specialized press, three clubs would have the opportunity to claim that they could welcome the Argentine legend in their ranks: Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan and Manchester City.

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