Republicans who gathered for Joe Biden “can make a difference”

Since Monday, the Republican convention has tried to show the image of a united political family behind its president, but crimes have multiplied in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Enough to tip the scales in November?

At the opening of the Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump was officially invested, on Monday, August 25, as the party’s candidate in the November presidential election, with a unanimous vote by the delegates. But the truth is more mixed. In recent months, well-known faces from the presidential party have stepped down and announced that they will vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

That same morning, when the conference opened, 27 previously elected Republicans announced the creation of “Joe Biden Republicans.” Among them Charlie Dent, the former representative of Pennsylvania – Joe Biden’s birthplace – or the former senator in Arizona, Jeff Flake.

“It is because I am a Conservative, because I believe in the Constitution and the distribution of power, and because I am concerned about the behavior and behavior of our current President that I support – with pride and wholeheartedly – Joe Biden, so that he is our next President in United States of America “, Jeff Flake explained, in a long message on Medium.

The chosen moment reflects a clear desire: to break the dynamics that Donald Trump could have benefited from during the Convention

“Announcing himself on Convention Day is extremely well chosen. Jeff Flake wants to circumvent the communication from Trump who wanted to make the Republican Convention” his “moment, while Covid-19 deprives him of meetings,” explains Jean-Éric Branaa, a US specialist. and lecturer at the University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, together with France 24. “These meetings are added to an already impressive list of Republican crimes. Donald Trump may well say when there are people without weight, it should not continue.”

Lincoln Project: “Defeating Trump and Trumpism”

The “Republicans for Joe Biden” are far from the only group formed to get the 45th ballot box beaten.ePresident. Since May 2020, “Republican voters against Trump” have been regularly publishing testimonies from voters disappointed with Donald Trump to prevent a second term.

The Lincoln project, launched in January 2020, referring to the president who united the country after the Civil War, uses another weapon: the mass distribution of shocking videos.

“The task of the Lincoln project is to defeat Trump and Trumpism, period,” said CEO Sarah Lenti. They are targeting Republican and independent voters in key states in the next presidential election to persuade them to “vote Biden or abstain.”

And the organization knows how to handle images. In the video “Mourning in America”, produced in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and seen more than 3.5 million times, we see coronavirus patients being taken on stretchers, Americans sleeping in queues, unemployed. “Under Donald Trump’s leadership, our country is weaker, sicker and poorer. And now the Americans are asking the question: if we have another four years like this, will America still exist?” asks the video.

Joe Biden reaches out

The Lincoln project has raised nearly $ 20 million in funds. What he should continue with his attacks in rules against the American president, in the face of the latter reaction, Joe Biden, for his part, can pose as an American unity divided by Donald Trump.

“The current president has been draping America in the dark for too long. Too much anger, too much fear, too much division,” Joe Biden explained in his inaugural address, promising to be a “Democratic candidate” but “an American president.”

In an unprecedented way, several Republicans or those previously affiliated with the party were allowed to speak during the large democratic virtual gathering. Secretary of State Colin Powell for George W. Bush has expressed his preference for Joe Biden, confident he will restore “values ​​in the White House.”

A surprise video also praised Cindy McCain, widow of former Arizona Senator and former Republican presidential candidate in 2008, Joe Biden. If she did not formally cast his vote, she emphasized the “unlikely friendship” that bound the Democratic candidate to her deceased husband and his ability to overcome divisions.

John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio who was defeated by Donald Trump in the Republican primary in 2016, did not show the modesty to vote for the Democrat. He described his opposition to the 45e“I am a Republican for life, but this connection comes next to my responsibility to this country,” he explained, adding in Joe Biden to see a man who can help us see humanity in the other. .

“There are always war prizes at conferences but that there are so many important people, it’s outstanding even if it’s whether it’s the widow McCain or John Kasich, it’s staying close to Joe Biden.” , states Jean-Eric Branaa. “The interesting thing is that even though they are previously elected officials, they still have networks in their key states. It will not be a grassroots movement or a tidal wave, but if it is dense, it can make the difference. And it will be dense in Pennsylvania (State of Charlie Dent, Editor’s Note) and Ohio (State of John Kasich, Editor’s Note). “

Rally theRepublicansare you at risk of promoting the left?

“The fact that the Democratic convention is talking about famous Republicans who support Biden is intended to send the message that he is a unit of a unit and that his opponents are so extreme that members of his own party have fled,” said Michael Beschloss, historian, specialist. in presidential elections for NBC News. “These kinds of gatherings weigh less than before, but Democrats use Republicans like John Kasich to suggest that Donald Trump is too extreme, while Joe Biden is a refuge in the storm.”

But this display of Republicans at the Democratic convention caused some teeth to crawl. The party’s progressive wing regretted that these party figures competed for more speaking time than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the elected New York, superstar in social networks and muse of progressives.

A criticism that Thomas Perez, president of the Democratic National Committee, wanted to dampen: “It is symbolic to see John Kasich and Bernie Sanders and full of nuances between the two on the same stage. Politics is arithmetic. Moreover, always strikes a subtraction”, he explained in an interview.