We know why Messi used a “bureau fax” to signal that he was leaving Barca

Leo Messi’s decision was announced using evidence of probative value, in the event that legal proceedings were reached.

In the age of telecommunications, and even more so in the midst of an almost global quarantine, contact through messaging and video calling applications is central to human interactions.

Messi wants to leave Barça, Carles Puyol supports him

For this reason, a word that has appeared in perhaps the most important news in the football world in recent years has received our attention: “Lionel Messi has reportedly informed Barcelona via bureau fax that he will not continue at the club.”

But what is this? Burofax is a service for sending urgent documents that may require proof to third parties.

In other words, it is a communication with probative value when using legal authorities, because the text, the sender, the addressee and the date of transmission are accredited.

Generally, it is used for complaints or, as in this case, to renew or terminate a contract. When Messi made a move that could lead to lengthy negotiations due to the high value of his termination clause, an adopted clause that would allow him to be released, if the news is confirmed, the player would have a case of greater value than “a simple text message when he published his resolution.