Dozens killed and injured according to a preliminary toll

According to the Afghan government, at least 100 people have been killed and about 100 injured in floods triggered on Tuesday by heavy rain overnight in the northern city of Charikar.

A rapid flood north of Kabul swept away almost everything in its path, killing at least 100 people and injuring more than 100. All that remains on Wednesday are mud and backhoe loaders busy finding corpses on the streets of the Afghan city of Charikar.

In the capital of Parwan province, about 60 kilometers from Kabul, the stone piles tell of the houses destroyed during the disaster, about 500 according to the authorities, located in several districts of the city.

According to the Ministry of Disaster Management, 100 people died and about 100 were injured. The figures will change in the coming hours.

A balance sheet that grows over the hours

“At 02.00 (09:30 GMT) on Tuesday), floods caused by heavy rainfall hit Charikar,” provincial government spokesman Whaida Shahkar told AFP, which previously reported 72 dead. and more than a hundred injured.

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“When the flood came down from the mountain, it took all the houses with it,” says Safiullah Rajabi, a notable from the Charikar district who was most affected by the disaster.

Rescuers, using tillage machines, continued to search the rubble, guarded by dozens of residents wading through the mud.

Victims stranded under the rubble

“We have reports of people still trapped in rubbish,” said Tamim Azimi, the president of disaster management.

The head of state, Ashraf Ghani, has ordered emergency aid to be sent to Charikar, the presidency said in a statement.

Flood disasters are common in the country, especially in poor rural areas where houses are often fragile and built in high-risk areas.

Rescues and relief supplies after natural disasters, especially in isolated areas, are often hampered by the lack of equipment and infrastructure in this country, which is impoverished by 40 years of war.

According to the Ministry of Disaster Management, overnight floods were recorded from Tuesday to Wednesday in at least five other provinces in the country, without causing any casualties.

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