Melania Trump seeks peace for women and minorities

By leaving a message of compassion and optimism on Tuesday, the second night of the Republican convention, the American first lady targeted a category of voter that Donald Trump is fighting to convince: women and racial minorities. Through Melania Trump’s and many other voices, the party has worked to show a different image of the president.

In contrast to the vague tone the day before, the second night of the Republican Congress, Tuesday, August 25, was an opportunity to deliver a positive message. In this regard, tonight’s keynote address by First Lady, Melania Trump. “I do not want to use this precious time to attack the opposite side, because it only divides the country further,” she explained.

Donald Trump’s wife preferred to offer a softer than usual picture of the White House. While the president is criticized by the opposition for his mismanagement of the health crisis, Melania Trump offered her thoughts to the families of the victims of Covid-19. “I know many people are in need and some feel helpless. I want you to know that you are not alone,” she said from the White House garden.

“These are the kinds of moments that make us tell our grandchildren that through kindness and compassion, strength and determination, we were able to restore promises about our future,” she added. This is a tone that contrasts with the mana’s sharp and sharp style. Melania Trump has also tried to even things out by analyzing her husband’s personality. “Citizens deserve a president to be honest. Whether you like it or not, you always know what he’s thinking,” she smiled. “He does not waste his time playing politicians.”

Unifying voice

It is perhaps precisely on this contrast between the two spouses that the Republican campaign opted. While the billionaire is accused of having shared and promoted a majority of women and minority members, Melania Trump, she tried to be the unified voice on Tuesday night.

She spoke at length about anti-racist demonstrations that have rocked the country since George Floyd’s death. “We are not proud of parts of our history, it is a harsh reality,” she admitted, condemning the violence and looting. “We must remember that we are all a society made up of many races, religions and ethnic groups. Diversity is our strength,” she said.

She did not forget to talk to women, especially mothers: “You are warriors!” She told them. She recalled that the United States had just celebrated the centenary of the 19th amendment granting the right to vote for white women.

The other Donald Trump

Like Melania Trump, the Republican Party has worked to prove that Donald Trump does not deserve the criticism he has been the subject of for four years. Did the policy of separating migrant families and photos of children in cages shake the country? The convention shows him in the White House naturalizing five immigrants.

Is his reaction to George Floyd’s death and his slogan, “law and order” angering many African Americans? Donald Trump announces, in full convention and always from the White House, that he grants the president’s pardon to a black ex-prisoner who helps the other prisoners go up the hill.

Does Donald Trump’s tendency to insult or respect his opponents also irritate the Republican camp? It is rather “interrupting culture” (“interrupting culture”, a term used by the Republican camp to criticize the progressives’ supposed will to “interrupt” opposition voices) that must be blamed, argued the president’s second son, Eric Trump: “To those who do not have any voice, which is covered with shame, which is censored and canceled – my father will fight for you. “

Extended hand to women

The real estate mogul has been accused by masses of women of sexual abuse and accused of sexism by Democrats, and a clip shows him in company with everyone he has appointed to his administration: former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, or her daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump , or her former spokeswoman Sarah Sanders …

It remains to be seen whether this hand extended to women will be seized in November. Donald Trump is about twenty points behind Joe Biden in this summer’s polls that question this category of voter. Suburban women in particular do not seem to have forgiven him for his handling of the pandemic. Will the first lady’s condolences last?