OM – Mourad Boudjellal beats Jacques-Henri Eyraud

In an interview with Provence on Tuesday, Mourad Boudjellal strongly criticized the leadership of the current president of the Olympique de Marseille.

OM acquisition project, season 1, episode 51. It was believed that the deal had taken the lead in the wing after Mourad Boudjellal’s general will to withdraw from the project after the various press releases from the Ajroudi clan and call the two men to Marseille. In the end, it is not. Everything is possible in the Phocaean city, and Mourad Boudjellal is not really the type to give up so easily … And apparently he has a grain against Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

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In remarks made to Provence, he again criticized the leadership of OM’s current president. “Either Eyraud has had hidden talents for four years and we will discover them this year, which I do not rule out, or we need renewal, people with him, also money. Eyraud, he is the chairman of OM. He has the responsibility and that what is important is his budgetary added value as president. First observation: it is non-existent “, thus analyzed Mourad Boudjellal, critic.

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“IF are 130 million products, Lyon two and a half times so. However, Lyon is not two and a half times Marseille! What is it? The quality of work with a man, Jean-Michel Aulas. He (Eyraud , the editor’s remark) should be very discreet compared to him because I have read the results of the two, frankly, you have to be quiet and say “Bravo sir”. 130 million products for 260 million fees? What the hell do he? “, then rebelled the former president of the Toulon Rugby Club.