Third night of riots in Kenosha despite appeals for calm from the Blake family

Hours after calming the family of Jacob Blake, the black man shot in the back by Kenosha police, new clashes between protesters and law enforcement in the city of Wisconsin took place on the night of August 25-26.

Jacob Blake, the black man shot in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is paralyzed and “fighting for his life,” his family and lawyers said Tuesday (August 25), while calling for calm. But that was not enough to counter the protesters’ anger. Hours later, a third night of mixed demonstrations and law enforcement in the city of Wisconsin on August 26.

After dark, police in the central area opposed about 200 protesters who defied the nightmare imposed on this city of 100,000 residents, located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Several armored vehicles were seen performing maneuvers and firing tear gas at the crowd, some of whom threw water bottles, firecrackers and other objects at police.

Shots in the crowd

According to Washington Post, shots were fired by lots of protesters and at least three people were injured. “It is not clear who fired the shots and the police and hospital authorities have not yet confirmed the severity of the injuries,” the American wrote daily.

On Twitter, several videos testify to the violence of the demonstrations. In one of them you can see a man with a gun running down the street from a group. He falls to the ground and starts firing at fleeing individuals. A man falls to the ground visibly injured.

State of Emergency in Wisconsin

The unrest came after the governor of Wisconsin declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, indicating that he would deploy additional members of the National Guard to restore order to Kenosha.

Jacob Blake, 29, a father of six, was hit by a series of seven shots fired Sunday by police who, handguns, followed Blake as Blake turned his back on them and opened the door. the driver’s door to his car.

Three of her sons, ages 3, 5 and 8, attended the scene, according to civil defense attorney Ben Crump, who represents the Blake family. Jacob Blakea was hit by four of seven shots fired by a single police officer, and “there was no indication that he was armed,” Crump said Tuesday in an interview with ABC News.

The police did not explain the motives for the shooting. The police officers involved in the shooting have been left on administrative leave.

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