Donald Trump, guarantor of “law and order” according to Mike Pence

At the end of a third conference night without a real clue, Wednesday, Republican Vice President Mike Pence defended the record for President Trump’s first term. He promised that in the event of re-election, the latter would defend law and order “against the” radical left “.

The Republican Congress held its third night, Thursday, August 26, when the United States was worried about two major events. In the north of the country, the tension is at its peak after the police shooter against the African-American Jacob Blake. The sports world has just started an unsurpassed boycott of race rights. And in the south, a hurricane approaching Category 5 threatens Louisiana and Texas.

Hard for the Republican Party to find a place in the middle of this frequent news, especially since this evening had no real clue. Themes already listed on Monday and Tuesday were repeated by various speakers, such as Donald Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway or Kayleigh McEnany, White House spokeswoman.

But tonight’s big speech was given by Vice President Mike Pence. From Fort McHenry in Baltimore, the site of the battle that inspired the words of the American national anthem, Mike Pence has long defended the president’s record. He also focused on Donald Trump’s favorite slogan in recent weeks: “law and order”.

Joe Biden, “The Trojan Horse of the Radical Left”

“You will not be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” he warned, appreciating that the Democratic candidate was a “Trojan horse of the radical left.” The 61-year-old vice president lamented that Joe Biden said the United States had a systemic racism problem and that the police were guilty of racist prejudice.

Referring to the hot news, Mike Pence strongly condemned the violence after the police shot at the African-American Jacob Blake. “Rebellion and looting are not peaceful demonstrations. Abolishing statues is not freedom of speech,” he said.

“We will not cut the budget for the police, either now or ever,” he continued, promising this demand from the Black Lives Matter movement. Joe Biden has not yet planned to do so if elected.

Two America

The latter also condemned the violence on Wednesday, while supporting the peaceful protesters. “Once again a black man – Jacob Blake – has been a victim of police weapons. In front of his children. It makes me sick. Is this the country we want to be? Useful violence does not allow us to heal We must stop the violence and gather peacefully to demand justice “Two visions, two styles, two America.

On Thursday, Donald Trump will officially accept the nomination of the Republican Party during a speech in the White House. The possibility for the president, who remains behind his democratic rival in the elections despite figures sharpening in some key states, to repeat his message in celebration.