“He came with a gun and he looked to fight”

On the third night of protests Tuesday, August 25 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, a 17-year-old teenager shot dead two protesters and seriously injured another with an assault rifle. On his social networks, Kyle Rittenhouse makes no secret of his beliefs about right-wing power. He was stayed on August 26 by the police. Several videos, shared online, show him shooting his victims and then fleeing the shooting range. Our observer took part in the demonstrations and witnessed the tragedy.The city of Kenosha is the scene for demonstrations strained since August 23rd. That day, a white police officer repeatedly shot Jacob Blake, a black man, in the back as he tried to get into his car where his three children were. Despite a curfew and increased police presence, protests continued on 27 August.

Ryan Cartwright has been following them since their debut:

With the police we were in a fluctuating confrontation, we advanced, they drove us back, we advanced. Then they drove us back around the intersection between Sheridan Road and 63rd Street, where there is a car dealership. This time, they pushed the protesters harder, resulting in the dispersal of the crowd. People started smashing windows and windows, and that was when someone opened fire.

The first pictures were enough outside the car source’s car dealership on Sheridan Road in central Kenosha. The movies show Kyle Rittenhouse. “I just killed someone,” he said.
Excerpt from a video posted on Twitter showing the moment Kyle Rittenhouse says, “I just killed someone.” France 24 does not publish the full version of this shocking video, which shows the victim shot in the head.

Ryan Cartwright continues:

Protesters began chasing Rittenhouse. A friend of my brother’s tried to stop him, but he shot him in the chest. Another man then tried to remove the gun, but he was shot in the arm; I think he’s still alive, but the other one is dead.

The video below shows the gunman being chased down Sheridan Road. He stumbles, falls, and once on the ground, points his gun at the protesters. He shoots four times, while several people try to attack him, including the man he fatally injured in the chest, and the one he wounds in the arm. When witnesses call for medical support, the gun rises and continues to go down the middle of the street, approaching the police force with their hands in the air.
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Video posted on Twitter on August 26, showing the moment when Rittenhouse opened fire on protesters.

As the video shows, police cars arrive at the scene seconds after the shooting. Rittenhouse, still armed, walks towards the vehicles, raises his arms, walks past and leaves. When the police arrive, a man can be heard shouting, “Hey, he just shot them, that guy right there!” According to a communicated The police’s first reports of shootings on Sheridan Road were made at 11.45.

Our guard Ryan Cartwright says he saw the gunman on his way to the police:

He did not try to escape them, on the contrary, he went in their direction, he said he had shot people, and they released him.