Mercato – Messi at City? The recording that confirms is fake!

The Argentine newspaper La Nacion thought they had confirmed Messi’s commitment to City on Wednesday, but that was a false one.

Our colleagues from La Nation, one of the most read newspapers in Argentina, thought they had this year’s scoop: a recording in which Lionel Messi himself would have confirmed his desire to leave him to join FC Barcelona for Manchester City, to meet Pep Guardiola there. Extract.

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“I made the decision with my wife Antonella to leave Barça. It’s hard, but that’s how it is. The bike is over. I’ll talk to Pep so he can organize my arrival at City. Football it’s spectacular and it fits what I want “, would have entrusted La Pulga to this relative according to the words passed on by La Nacion.

“This is the sound recording of an imitator”

Deal completed? It’s very similar. And yet Messi’s father, Jorge, denied La Nacion’s social media information on Instagram, claiming that the recording of our colleagues was a hoax.

“Hi La Nacion, this is wrong. There is no such confession, this is an audio recording of an operson.”Jorge Messi replied to the newspaper on the social network Instagram. Despite this denial, City are the first favorites to welcome Messi.