Valbuena evokes the return of Rabiot in Blue

Against all expectations, Adrien Rabiot was recalled for the French team. A choice that surprised more than one.

Mathieu Valbuena commented on the return of Adrien Rabiot to the French team as a consultant for RMC.

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The former French international explains this decision with the fact that Didier Deschamps can “change his mind”.

“He can change, even if it’s not his cup of tea. He always leaves a second chance,” said the former OM player, who said he was “not surprised at all” by choosing DD.

Valbuena also reveals an anecdote about Deschamp’s arrival at OM: “It was very difficult for me, because he did not have a good picture of me and I also think I was not in His plans. Then he radically changed his views and it was with him that I spent my greatest periods in the France team. ”