Donald Trump presents himself as the antithesis of Joe Biden

The US president accepted, on Thursday night from the White House, the nomination of the Republican Party to try to get a second mandate in November. In a speech that lasted over an hour, he attacked his Democratic rival Joe Biden, described as a “Trojan horse of socialism”.

“Four more years!” The crowd gathered in the gardens of the White House on Thursday, August 27, was there to support their master. Donald Trump has in fact chosen this federal building, the president’s tallest symbol, to accept the nomination of his party at the end of the fourth night of the Republican convention. Heard by an American head of state and an election heavily criticized by the opposition that condemns an illegal mix of genres.

But Donald Trump is no longer his first violation of the rules. Therefore, he used this unexpected framework to give a long speech that seemed to be a prosecution against Joe Biden, his Democratic rival whose name he spoke 41 times in total. He also took care to repeat several statements from the latter to ridicule him.

While Joe Biden repeats over and over again that he fights “for America’s soul”, Donald Trump felt that he “was not the savior of America’s soul” but “America’s job breaker and, if allowed, America’s great breaker.” The billionaire also mocked Democrats’ insistence on describing his candidate as someone with empathy. “Workers who have lost their jobs do not want Joe Biden empathy, they want to find work,” he replied, referring to his rival as “weak”.

“Trojan Horse of Socialism”

Last week, the former vice president used the metaphor of light and shadow far to describe the race for the White House. “Joe Biden can say that he is an ally of the light, when it comes to his program he wants to leave us all in the dark,” Donald Trump asked.

The Republican has taken up a theme that has been heard throughout the Convention: Joe Biden, who is still considered a moderate Democrat, would be a puppet of the radical left. It is a “Trojan horse of socialism,” he accused, and saw himself as its opposite. “Never before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies or two programs,” he said. “This election will determine whether we save the American dream or whether we allow a socialist program to destroy our precious destiny.”

Donald Trump has mentioned China several times and assured that Beijing wanted Joe Biden to win. “Biden’s program is made in China. In the middle of the United States,” he happily told the audience. He also continued to blame China for the coronavirus pandemic, while defending its handling of the health crisis. “To save as many lives as possible, we focus on science, facts and data,” he said. However, the approximately 1,500 supporters who gathered in front of him did not respect the physical distance recommended by the health authorities and few wore a mask.

“Law and order”

It is perhaps in terms of security that the American president has been the most average. He knows that it is a promising topic for the American suburbs that he does after the vote. Especially this week, after a new wave of violence following the police fire against African-American Jacob Blake. “No one will be safe in Biden’s America,” he warned. “If the left wins, it will destroy the suburbs and seize your weapons,” he threatened.

It has been several months now – since the first riots after George Floyd’s death in late April – that the Republican campaign has insisted on this theme of “law and order”. And these efforts may have already begun to pay off. Surveys conducted in recent weeks – before the Jacob Blake episode therefore – show that support for the Black Lives Matter protests has eroded somewhat over time, especially in some important states such as Wisconsin. And Joe Biden’s lead diminished somewhat. Everything is still possible in November.

Republicans understood that they could take advantage of the situation. Donald Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway explained that “the more chaos, lawlessness, vandalism and violence prevails, the easier it is to choose who is best in matters of public security, law and order”.

In the street in front of the White House on Thursday night, anti-racist protesters protested during Donald Trump’s speech. And on Friday, a big march is planned in Washington to celebrate the one during which Martin Luther King in 1963 gave his famous speech “I have a dream”. Any overflows will obviously be examined carefully.