France, Le Graët comments on Rabiot’s return: “No one is punished for life”

The president of FFF supports the election of Didier Deschamps to bring Adrien Rabiot back to the Blues.

More than two years after his last call to the French team and his refusal to be part of the reserve list for the World Cup 2018, Adrien Rabiot will return to the France group next week for the matches against Sweden and Croatia. Interestingly with Juventus, the 25-year-old midfielder was recalled by the Blues coach who visibly abandoned the player’s behavior.

France team – Deschamps justifies Rabiot’s return

In an interview with Le Parisien, Noël Le Graët openly supported Didier Deschamp’s choice to bring Adrien Rabiot back to the French team at the next meeting: “With Didier Deschamps we talk to each other every day, we had agreed for a long time. I always said, even then, that no one can be punished for life. It’s a smart decision on Didier’s part, I’m happy.

“Not giving him a chance would have been a mistake”

“The mother did not want me to meet Adrien, I do not care. No one is punished for life. Not giving him a chance would have been a mistake. The competition is tough in this position, but he would have done was picked up for this or next match.I remind you that despite everything that people around me said I always said he would not be interrupted.It was normal that he was not called for a while, but it would have been foolish to say that he would never play for it French team again“, added the president of the FFF.

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Unlike the coach who will inevitably replace Juventus midfielder, Noël Le Graët will not have a formal meeting with the player: “When I meet him I say I’m very happy that he’s here. I do not need to call him, there will be no meeting. He must be proud to come back and we are. Glad he will come back. Why make life difficult when you can do normal things? “

Didier Deschamps justified Adrien Rabiot’s return during his press conference: “We kept following him, he came back to a very good level. What happened happened. We can not go back. But you know, I do not like to make radical decisions.” He was still eligible and I made the decision to bring him back with us. Did I have a discussion with him? No. I do not usually let players know when I pick them up. “I dare say he will be there on Monday of course. You can imagine I would have the opportunity to discuss with him.”.