Maguire: “I feared for my life and will not apologize”

The English defender is appealing after being found guilty of aggravated assault and resisting arrest in Greece.

Harry Maguire says he feared for his life in the recent incident in which he was convicted of aggravated assault in Greece, with the Manchester United captain saying he will not apologize for his actions. Maguire, 27, has already appealed and upheld his innocence after being released on Tuesday to 21 months in prison. The Utd captain has been convicted of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and repeated bribery attempts following an incident in Mykonos, Greece, last week.

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He spoke to BBC Sports’ Dan Roan in his first public interview since the incident, but Maguire said he thought he had been kidnapped – and denied trying to bribe police. “These two men approached my little sister “in Maguire. “They asked where she was from, she replied and my fiancé saw her eyes go behind her head. She ran and she went out, she lost consciousness.

“My first thought, I thought we were going to be kidnapped. We knelt down, held out our hands. They started beating us, he put one of my hands in the handcuffs and he hit my leg. Says:” Your career is over, no more football, you will not play anymore. “At that time I thought there was no way they were cops, I do not know who they are, I tried to run away. I was in such a panic, scared … I was scared for my life “, added the Englishman.

“The truth comes out”

Maguire added that he saw no reason to apologize for his actions. “I do not feel I owe any apology “, he explained. “DYour apology is when you have done something wrong. I’m sorry I did this to the fans and the club “. Asked if he had tried to bribe the police, Maguire replied: “No, of course. As soon as I saw this statement, it was just ridiculous. “

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Maguire has also been asked if he will be able to continue as Man Utd captain. “It’s a huge privilege to play for the club, not to mention being captain. It’s not my decision to make. I have great faith in Greek law, that the new trial will give us more time. To prepare, gather evidence and bring witnesses into the courtroom, and the truth will come out. “ Under Greek law, Maguire’s appeal reverses his conviction and means that there will be a whole new trial in a major court.

Defendant, his brother Joe Maguire and their friend Christopher Sharman were all found guilty after a trial in Syros, Greece, after the incident. The Greek police claimed that the three defendants were involved in a quarrel with police and that bribes were attempted after being taken to the police station. The court heard that the brawl began after an incident with another group, which they said injected Maguire’s sister, Daisy, with a drug suspected of “rape”.

Maguire did not plead guilty to all charges and was represented by one of his lawyers, Alexis Anagnostakis. England manager Gareth Southgate has ruled out Maguire from his last England squad after the verdict, but Manchester United supported his player after his appeal was accepted by the Greek court.