Trump denies calling dead US soldiers losers’

The US president categorically denied, on Thursday, September 3, that he called “losers” and “idiotic” American soldiers who died during World War I, during a visit to France to celebrate 100 years of conflict, as the newspaper The Atlantic claims.

The White House and President Donald Trump categorically denied, on Thursday, September 3, that the president called “losers” and “idiotic” American soldiers who died during World War I, as the newspaper Atlantic claims.

During a visit to France in November 2018 to celebrate the 100 years since the end of World War I, Donald Trump had interrupted his trip to an American cemetery near Paris and explained that the bad weather conditions made the visit impossible.

But according to The Atlantic, a respected month in the United States, the New York billionaire did not see the point. “Why should I go to this cemetery? It’s full of losers,” he said. to members of his team, according to the newspaper, citing several anonymous sources.

Still, according to The Atlantic, the Republican president would also have qualified the 1541 American soldiers who died during the Battle of the Belleau Forest of “idiots,” before asking “who were the good guys” during this conflict.

“Bad” and “liar”

The White House has strongly denied. “No one is brave enough to put their name on these allegations. It’s because they’s false,” said one of the spokesmen for the CEO, JuddDeere.

HoganGidley, a former White House spokesman who accompanied Donald Trump on his trip to France in 2018, also condemned “completely ridiculous” accusations and “bulky and cowardly” anonymous sources.

Same story on the side of the interested. “Someone made up this horrible story that said I did not want to go,” the US president told reporters after returning from a campaign visit to Pennsylvania on Thursday night.

“If they really exist, if any existing people could have said so, they are unscrupulous rubbish and liars. And I would swear on everything I have ever said about our fallen heroes. Fight,” he stressed, before adding: “No animal. , person, what animal could have said such a thing? “

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump publicly attacked the status of the hero of the Vietnam War for the highly respected Republican senator John McCain, captured and tortured for more than five years.

“He is a hero because he has been captured. I like people who are not captured,” he said.

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