US police shoot down anti-fascist activist on suspicion of murder

U.S. police fired an anti-fascist activist Thursday night during the arrest for the alleged murder of a right-wing extremist last weekend in Portland, Oregon.

Michael Reinoehl, a suspect in the murder of a right-wing extremist in Portland last Saturday, was killed on Thursday, September 3, when police tried to arrest him in Olympia, Washington.

“The suspect presented a gun that threatened the lives of law enforcement personnel,” a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service said in a statement.

An inquiry has been assigned to the shuriff’s office in Thurston County. “Shots were fired inside the vehicle. The individual fled the vehicle, and further shots were fired,” his spokesman said, adding that he could not provide further information. looked like fireworks because there were so many shots, says a passerby in a video published on the Internet.

An anti-fascist activist

Michael Reinoehl, responsible for security during the Black Lives Matter protests in Portland against racism and police violence, is suspected of killing Aaron Danielson, 39, a Donald Trump supporter on Saturday night, part of a group that patrolled the depot in central Portland and had encountered protesters.

Portland has been the scene of frequent clashes between right-left and right-right protesters since the renewed protest against police brutality and racism triggered by George Floyd’s death in late May in Minneapolis. This African American died of suffocation when he was arrested by the police.

In a video, Michael Reinoehl admitted that he shot Aaron Danielson and added that he acted in self-defense for fear of being stabbed. “I had no choice. I could have just stood there and left them to do nothing. kill one of my colored friends. But that was not my intention. “

In messages published on social networks, Michael Reinoehlse described himself as a professional snowboarder, former American army fighter and “100% antifa”, referring to the anti-fascist movement in the United States.

Donald Trump, who on Monday defended a 17-year-old accused of killing two anti-racist protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week, called on Thursday to arrest Michael Reinoehl, whom he accused of being a “killer” of cold blood “and a” thug “.

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