a National Guard member killed in Sousse in a “terrorist attack”

A National Guard patrol fell victim to a knife attack in Sousse, Tunisia, on Sunday. One gendarme was killed and another was wounded. The three attackers were shot dead by police.

A member of the Tunisian National Guard was killed on Sunday (September 6) in a “terrorist” attack in Sousse, a tourist town in eastern Tunisia, the National Guard spokesman told AFP.

“A patrol with two agents fell victim to a knife attack in central Sousse. One of them was martyred and the other, wounded, is in hospital, “said Houcem Eddine Jebabli.

The three attackers were shot dead by security forces who pursued them after the attack, the National Guard said. “In an exchange of fire, three terrorists were killed,” Houcem added Eddine Jebabli.

On Sunday, Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed issued a message of support to the families of the victims.


The attack and the hunt for the attackers took place in Akouda, in the tourist area of ​​El Kantaoui, says the same source. According to the latter, the car and weapons were recovered from the attackers by the police.

Each attack throws the country back in memory of the series of suicide attacks the country suffered after the 2011 revolution. In particular, the city of Sousse had already been the scene of a 2015 jihadist attack.

The rise of the jihad movement

But the last attack of this type dates back to March 6. One policeman was killed and five others were injured, as well as a civilian, in a double suicide bombing against security forces that protected the US embassy in Tunis.

After the fall of the dictatorship in 2011, Tunisia faced a boom in the jihadist movement, responsible for dozens of dozens of soldiers and police, but also many civilians and 59 foreign tourists, including about 40 in Sousse. 2015.

By September 2012, the US embassy had already been attacked by protesters, mostly from the Salafist movement, who were protesting against an Islamophobic film made in the United States. Four people were killed and dozens were injured in violent clashes between police and protesters.

The security situation has nevertheless improved markedly over the past three years.

But attacks on security forces are still taking place, especially in the mountain ranges bordering Algeria and sometimes in Tunis.

In late June 2019, the double suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group of police in central Tunis and in front of a barracks targeted and claimed the life of a police officer.

In addition to ISIS, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has carried out several deadly attacks over the past decade. In late February, Aqmi confirmed the death of one of its leaders, Abou Iyadh, founder of the main Tunisian jihadist group near al-Qaida, Ansar al Sharia, specifically accused of orchestrating violence against the US embassy in 2012.

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