one dead and two seriously injured in a series of attacks in Birmingham

Several people were attacked with knives on the evening of 5 to 6 September in Birmingham, England’s second largest city. A “major incident” according to British police that left one dead and seven injured, two of them seriously. A suspect is wanted.

Several people were stabbed in the evening Saturday 5 to Sunday 6 September, in Birmingham, England’s second largest city, in the center of the country, police said. A “major incident” under the terms, which left one dead and seven injured, two of them seriously.

In a statement, police say they were called at 12.30 local time (11.30 GMT) to a stabbed person in the city center, before being warned that other similar incidents occurred shortly after.

“We are still at work to determine what happened, which may take time before we are able to confirm anything,” WestMiddland Police added, noting that “right now it would not be appropriate to speculate on the causes of these facts.” has begun.

“We are looking for a suspect” and investigations to identify and find him are “continuing”, added the head of the police force, Graham, who mobilized “significant resources”.

Two killed in knife attack in Birmingham

None of the victims have any connection to gangs and rather seem to have been targeted “randomly”, Graham said, emphasizing the particularly “traumatic” nature of this series of attacks.

In addition to a man and a woman in hospital in serious condition, five other people were slightly injured.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed “all (his) thoughts” to the victims of this “terrible” incident and his “thanks to the rescue services”.

On Sunday, there was still a police unit around downtown Arcadian, a complex of bars, restaurants and nightlife venues, on the border of the gay and Chinese districts of the cosmopolitan city of one million inhabitants. Removable food packages and empty bottles that drop to the floor betray an intense nightlife.

On June 20, three men were killed with a knife in a park in Reading, west London, and the investigation was entrusted to the anti-terror police. The suspect Khairi Saadallah, a 25-year-old Libyan refugee suffering from mental health problems due to the civil war in Libya, his family said, had been charged with three murders and three attempted murders.

Six days later, a man stabbed and injured six people at a hotel hosting refugees in Glasgow, Scotland, but the terrorist character had been ruled out.

Unchanged since November 2019, the terrorist threat is considered to be “significant” in the UK, third on a scale of five.

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