the number of daily infections down with 7,071 new cases

7071 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in France in the last 24 hours on Sunday. A figure from the 8,550 pollutants identified on Saturday.

France recorded, Sunday, September 6, 7071 new cases of covid-19 contamination in 24 hours. A figure below the 8,550 new pollutants published the day before by Public Health France, as well as the record revealed on Friday with 8975 cases.

The number of new hospital stays over the past seven days was 1,704, compared with 1,661 on Saturday, and the number of intensive care units for severe cases of Covid-19 infection at 288, three more than on Saturdays. .

In addition, 58 new “clusters” were detected in 24 hours, out of a total of 528 examined, including 214 in nursing homes.

The degree of positivity (the proportion of positive cases, among all tested over 7 days) continues to increase at the same time: it reached 4.9% on Sunday, compared with 4.3% in the middle of the week.

Finally, another 3 deaths have been registered in hospitals in the last 24 hours, or 20,225 in total. Including the deaths in nursing homes and other social and medical-social facilities, the total contribution since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic in France now amounts to 30,701 deaths.

“The number of serious cases will increase”

If the number of serious cases of intensive care, less than 500 according to the latest available figures, is very far from the levels recorded in March-April, at the height of the health crisis (it had peaked at more than 7000), Health Olivier Véran warned that it would increase mechanically in the wake of the increase in pollutants.

“What I can tell you right now is that hospital stays and admissions to intensive care are only a reflection of the epidemic situation two weeks ago and therefore it is obvious that in the next two weeks there will be an increase, not a massive one, but still an increase in the number. serious cases, he said on BFMTV on Saturday.

“Today we have a growth of 30% of the number of cases per week, 15% of the number of hospital stays. If we continue at the same pace, we will reach a critical situation in December in several regions of France,” warned epidemiologist Antoine Fontanet about LCI on Sunday.

In Marseille, several doctors have also taken up to warn of the growing tension in hospitals, such as Dr. Hervé Chambost, medical crisis manager, who assures us that “people at risk again experience serious forms and are currently in intensive care”.

Seven new red zones

At the same time, the government placed seven new departments on Sunday in the “red zone”, which now covers more than a quarter of the departments, including four abroad.

Despite this worrying context, the government plans to relax one of the measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus: “two weeks”, this period of two weeks isolation is recommended for patients and the famous “contact cases” (likely to have been contaminated), in order to restrict the transfer of Covid-19, could be shortened, as indicated by Olivier Véran.

The minister said on Saturday that he had asked “the scientific authorities to give an opinion on whether we can not reduce” the isolation period for contact matters, given that “this famous fourteen days (doubt for too long”.

“This will be considered during the next Defense Council,” said Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot, in the Le Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI.

Access to tests is a growing problem, with longer queues and delays to get results that reduce the efficiency of the response to Covid-19. But according to Mr Véran, it should be improved by “at least two, three weeks”.

With Reuters and AFP