Real Madrid – New number for Courtois, who must adopt

This season, Thibaut Courtois changes his No. 13 to No. 1 at the club’s request. The historical number of Iker Casillas, which he must assume …

Goodbye N ° 13 and welcome to N ° 1. At the request of Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois will carry the numbers of many of his famous predecessors this season, from Iker Casillas to Ricardo Zamora. A number … that he has never used in his club career.

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“For most people, it can be surprising that for over 11 years, with over 430 club games, I have never played with number 1 on my back, whether with Genk, Real Madrid, Atlético or Chelsea. I can only remember good memories with my last number, but now that Real has given me number 1, I am very happy to tackle further victories with this shirt., the Belgian goalkeeper explained on his website.

A number he must also adopt in view of the famous goalkeepers who preceded him.

“Casillas is my greatest example”

“Playing with number 1 also has an important symbolic value. It is without a doubt an iconic number to wear for all goalkeepers. In the footsteps of real real icons like Casillas, Zamora, Bodo Illgner and Francisco Buyo, I am grateful to represent the world’s best club “continued Courtois.

“It’s no secret that Casillas is my greatest example among these legendary goalkeepers. Even if he has decided to end his career on the pitch, he will remain my number one ever.”, Courtois concluded. It remains to be seen whether Belgium will be able to mark the history of the White House as the Spaniard did before him …