Mercato – Niko Kovac launches degreasing operation in Monaco

Monegasque’s coach wants the princely club to get rid of the maximum number of players to only work with 25 players.

French champion 2017, AS Monaco fought to ride the wave of success. Between the resignations of the management (Fabinho, Mbappé, Bernardo Silva …) and recruitments felt bad, the Principality club did not go far from the disaster with a descent that hung in the face.

The Jardim era turned completely, it is to Niko Kovac who was entrusted with the keys to the truck to find the upper parts of Ligue 1. A large-scale job for the Croatian technician who did not hesitate to point the old direction.

“These are problems that have been inherited in recent years, the former Bayern noted in an interview with Bild. Paul Mitchell (sports director), Oleg Petrov (general manager) and I try to create new structures and turn the club in a different direction. “

“I think we can do it in the medium and long term. We now had two groups of 25 players each. I want to work with a maximum of 25 players, there is no other way.”

Some elements found a downturn in the form of a loan, such as Benjamin Henrichs, who left for Leipzig, while Jonathan Panzo or Kamil Glik were sold. But it is still too little for the inflated Monegasque workforce.

In addition, the sale will be mandatory, because without income that goes into the cash registers, no purchases if we listen to Kovac.

“You mentioned our large number of players, a lot of money has been spent here. We can not continue shopping like that, we have to reduce the number of players. We do not swim in money.”

“That’s why Paul, Oleg and I are here to put the club in a normal direction.”

“About 20 million was spent on 17- and 18-year-olds. In recent years, we have not played in Europe and we lack that income.”

The construction site is therefore still significant on the cliff, October 5, the date of the end of Mercato.