Mercato – Olivier Giroud did not join the Olympics due to Benzema

In his autobiography, the French striker reveals that he did not want to cause controversy by joining the “club that gave birth to Benzema.”

Whether they like it or not, Karim Benzema and Olivier Giroud will always be associated with each other. Not on the pitch because the Real Madrid striker has not been selected for the France team since 2016 but far beyond.

The French public has always tried to compare the two attackers and often defend Benzema. As he himself admits, Giroud has always been placed as a scapegoat, always the one who took the Madrilenian.

Giroud: “Do not want to take the risk”

The two are not friends and will never be, especially after Karim Benzema’s words during a live Instagram where he compared Giroud “at a karting” and he has one “Formula 1”.

But this enmity also marked the spirits and especially Giroud, so they did not want to sign the Olympics in January last year so as not to trigger a controversy by joining “the club that gave birth to Benzema” as he revealed in his autobiography.

“Unfortunately, that’s the cruel truth. I have to deal with it. After football, I could have taken it on without any problems. But I did not want to take the slightest risk to my family or cause trouble outside of football compared to it, when I saw how some responded “, admitted the world champion in an interview with Progress.