Peter Madsen admits that he murdered journalist Kim Wall in his submarine

The inventor Peter Madsen first admitted in a documentary that was broadcast in Denmark on Wednesday that he killed the Swedish journalist Kim Wall in his homemade submarine.

Drama in the Danish submarine case: Peter Madsen, sentenced to life in prison for the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall in his homemade drowning, admitted his guilt for the first time in a documentary broadcast on Wednesday 9 September.

This recognition, which comes more than three years later, does not shed light on the exact circumstances of the young woman’s death.

To the telephone question, the 49-year-old inventor answers “yes” to the journalist’s question and asked him if he killed Kim Wall, but his explanations about the details of the death are still unclear.

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“It is my fault that Kim is no longer there now,” admits the 40-year-old, who was convicted in April 2018 of his premeditated murder before sexual violence.

On the evening of August 10, 2017, the journalist boarded the Nautilus with Peter Madsen, the designer and owner of drownings. The thirties wanted to portray this self-taught engineer obsessed with conquering the oceans and space, well known in his country.

Kim Wall was reported missing overnight by her companion and her body was later found at sea, divided.

Peter Madsen talked about unintentional death so far

“Except for August 10, 2017, I never did anything to anyone,” says Peter Madsen, who describes himself as non-violent. But he assures us that “there is only one culprit and that is me”.

During the trial, he admitted to having cut the young woman’s lifeless body before throwing her into the Baltic Sea, but claimed that her death was unintentional. He first claimed that Kim Wall had got the hatch on her head before she killed herself by falling to the bottom of the submarine, then he described her death suffocated by exhaust fumes during a pressure relief of the cabin.

In the documentary, Peter Madsen now talks about a conversation where Kim Wall “shakes things up” and admits that it resulted in the young woman’s death.

At the same time, he also evokes a situation where the journalist touches a mine whose explosion kills her.

“He’s trying to put the blame on Kim Wall”

“Here he tries to put the blame on Kim Wall, and it is a very classic move for murderers like Peter Madsen with obvious psychopathic qualities. They never take responsibility for their actions, no matter what. Gravity. He tries to justify and explain what he did”, judged Kurt Kragh, a former specialist investigator, with the tabloid Ekstra Bladet.

The autopsy, which was presented long during the trial, does not mention injuries related to the explosion of explosives. It describes 14 injuries – including at least one caused while the victim was alive or in anxiety – located in and around his genitals.

The documentary series, entitled “Secret Recordings with Peter Madsen” and of which only the first episode was broadcast, is based on more than 20 hours of telephone conversation between a journalist and the killer, recorded without the latter knowledge. He then gave his permission for their use.

The case, unique in Denmark’s legal annals, had an unsurpassed media effect in the Kingdom. It should be the subject of a TV series focusing on the complexity of the investigation. Peter Madsen will not be represented there.

With AFP