Barça – Farre: “Messi’s interview has accelerated reform pressure”

According to Barca’s presidential candidate, the interview with Messi at Goal only increased the pressure on President Bartomeu.

FC Barcelona presidential candidate Jordi Farre admits that Lionel Messi’s latest interview helped build momentum for distrust of the club’s current board. In an exclusive conversation with GoalMessi had revealed that he would stay at the Camp Nou this season, but criticized Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu for breaking his word to release him, by agreement, at the end of last season.

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The comments only increased the pressure on Bartomeu, with Farre pushing for a vote of no confidence in the club that would allow the presidential election to be held at the end of this year. As Barcelona are also currently struggling financially, Farre is convinced that change is needed as soon as possible and admits that Messi’s recent comments have helped speed up his goal.

“Possible to convince him to sign a new addendum”

“Messi said there was no plan and the council lied to him, all ‘socios’ should sign the motion of no confidence.”Said Farre to Goal. “The signing rushed after Messi’s quote on Goal, the pace doubled after that, maybe he should have used a different strategy but the important thing is that he stays and I still think it is possible to convince him to sign a new extension contract “, then added the Spaniard.

“The economic situation [à Barcelone] is very dangerous because there is a debt of 800 million euros and many payment obligations. Griezmann was paid from a private fund and FCB will not start repaying until 2021, for example. The new Camp Nou project must be stopped in the middle of the financial crisis and no one knows when supporters will be allowed to return to the arena anyway. We hope to have all the signatures for the motion of censure before 17 September. If we do that, there will be a referendum in 30 days and if the result is against Bartomeu, the election should take place around 5 December 2020 “.

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As a reminder, Manchester City were the club most closely linked to a Lionel Messi arrival in the event of departure, but Farre said he was not worried about the possibility of competing with the club financially. “I’m not afraid of clubs like Man City thanks to FFP (Financial Fair Play), the FCB budget is still the highest in the football world and these clubs will not be able to have the same income as FCB”he said confidently.