Leeds – “I stay”: Marcelo Bielsa puts an end to the tension

While he still does not extend his contract with Leeds, Marcelo Bielsa has confirmed that he will coach Peacocks well this season.

Marcelo Bielsa will never change. Used to sign a season contract and renew them before each practice after weighing the pros and cons, the Argentine technician intimidated Leeds fans.

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Despite the championship and promotion to the Premier League, Bielsa has still not been extended to this day. Rumors have therefore logically surfaced about a possible departure from El Loco, but it will not be.

“I will be working next season at Leeds United. Everything has been arranged and I will definitely be there next season”, the former OM coach decided at a press conference on Thursday. And next season, Bielsa obviously means the one that starts in a few days.

And all football lovers are already looking forward to seeing Bielsa in the PL. And with good reason. This Saturday at 6.30 pm, Peacock’s ball opens … on Liverpool’s lawn! A lifestyle test for men in Bielsa, from champion to champion!