Mr Ould Abdel Aziz, former Mauritanian President: “I am the victim of a political vendetta”

In an interview with France 24 from his home in Nouakchott, former Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz claims to be the target of a “political vendetta” led by the regime of his successor and former right-hand man, Mohamed Ould Ghazouani.

During an investigation into suspected corruption and embezzlement during his presidency, he categorically denies the facts and believes that this is an operation to prevent him from playing a political role again.

The former Mauritanian president, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, describes all the accusations against him, and in particular that according to which he would have tried to sell a Mauritanian island in Qatar “stories created from scratch”. He makes sure that in an interview with France 24 “assume everything” in his presidency.

If he does not directly accuse the current president of being in charge, he is pointing the finger at “his staff”. He explains that he lives in a “large prison”, as he is deprived of his passport and prevented from leaving the capital Nouakchott.

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz says he expects “everything” from the current regime, although he says he is not afraid.

Finally, the former Mauritanian president strongly denies having hatched a coup in recent months, assuring him that he does not regret not having changed the constitution, to serve a third term, despite the wishes he would have received in his country and region. “I wanted to embed democracy in my country,” he says.