Tuchel, Verratti, Haise … Reactions after Lens-PSG (1-0)

PSG lost on Thursday night against Lens in Ligue 1 (0-1). A setback that did not seem to worry Thomas Tuchel.

It was with a setback that PSG began their journey in the league. The French champions lost to Lens at Bollaert (0-1). Weakened by several defections, the Parisians were too dangerous to hope to win, and a big mistake by the young goalkeeper Bulka cost them the points for a draw. At the last whistle, Thomas Tuchel tried to prevent this error, as he admitted in special circumstances. The players insisted that Paris must do better even without their best elements.

Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach): “I do not think we could do better. I was happy with the first period we did. We controlled the game completely and had holdings. We had a hard time creating opportunities to score goals today. Zero opportunity? But yes. We have a small group and we lack players who make a difference. With young people, we made a crucial mistake and we could not take advantage of their mistakes. A draw is the maximum we could hope for. What did I say to Bulka? He has to play like that. This is a technical error. It could happen. It will not be his last. Unfortunately, it was crucial (…) Strengthening oneself is not urgent but necessary. We have lost many players and it is necessary to strengthen ourselves to have competition. “

Pablo Sarabia (PSG striker on Canal +): “We played a decent game but we could not score and we were punished for an action. We are a team and we are not allowed to talk about others. There are no excuses to get tonight and it is not because it was absent that PSG lost tonight. “

Franck Haise (lens trainer at Canal +): “I did not tell them anything. I just congratulated them one by one. All the players in the squad came, it was a fantastic moment with all the staff, I had nothing to add. Paris was really reduced, it is not the ease, it is the reality But even reduced, we see the technical level and the collective intelligence of this team. Another field. You have to be good in the recovery, sometimes low, sometimes high, have quality transitions. That’s why we won this match. I have 16 players who acted like crazy. Do not win if you do not have an exceptional state of mind. It is not the desire or the physical, there were things that would be regulated to be able to defend by moving forward. We knew we could not do it in 45 “minutes but we managed to do it at the beginning of the second half. The public? Even 5000, how good it is! They are so important to us. I thank them”.

Marco Verratti (PSG midfielder on Canal +): “I think there are many factors. We gave everything we could. Our maximum was today. All friends were tired, they gave the maximum. It is a little strange to play such a match. Create a calendar where we put the first the match on the day of the C1 final it is strange.Now we have to rest because in three days we will be in the same situation We play for the first time together, it takes time.Otherwise football would be easy.We had a hard time creating chances. In the second, with fatigue, we slowed down a bit. The goal? It’s dangerous but I always call the ball, it’s my way of playing. If I did not want the ball I would play another sport. I will never change the way I I play football, I like to play football. Who makes the mistake? I do not know. I ask for the ball, after it was a little short but I repeat, I will never change my way of playing. Always to provide solutions to my teammates.To play Marseille directly is good afterwards m it is a game that is close to our hearts for the fans. Afterwards, as I say, I do not understand at all why lenses were fixed today … “.