Arsenal – Alexandre Lacazette: “I know I have confidence in Arteta”

In an interview with L’Equipe, Alexandre Lacazette confirms his desire to stay with the Gunners.

Alexandre lacazette entrusted in an interview to Made and took the opportunity to shorten rumors of a departure: “Every summer, my name and Atlético are in the same sense. It’s sometimes a little boring, but sometimes you learn things, it’s fun. I was told that I had called Antoine (Griezmann) to talk about Atlético, for example by reading someone who seemed more knowledgeable than I was. It may hurt a little, but it’s part of the job. I’m at Arsenal, I signed (in 2017, editor’s note) a five-year contract to move forward and win titles. I have two left. I’m determined to stay. “

Vincent Duluc, who conducted this interview, asks Lacazette if this is a final decision? “From me, yes” answers the Gunners player.

And the Lyon striker did not appreciate his name circulating for an exchange with Thomas Partey at the Atlético de Madrid: “If it’s true, no, it’s not fun. But what is important is the choice of coach (Mikel Arteta, editor’s note), his self-confidence. He’s making the team, not the managers upstairs in the offices, and I know I have his confidence. “

Alexandre Lacazette also explains that if he did not participate in the Community Shield, it is not due to a possible transfer or setting on the bench by Arteta but due to coronavirus: “I was for two weeks. I was in Guadeloupe when England announced the new two-week conditions, and I did not have time to return. I arrived in France on Sunday, I went through Paris and I was in London at the beginning of the week, but I had to do my two weeks, like everyone else. “