Fire in a migrating camp in Greece: “All Moria is down”

Alpha * lived in a container in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos, where a fire broke out the night before Tuesday 8 to Wednesday 9 September. He tells InfoMigrants what he has been through. Testimony.

“I was in my container when at 10 pm I heard noises from outside. Agents who had come to test residents of the Covid-19 camp were violently expelled by migrants from Afghanistan. They refused the tests and shouted: ‘There is no coronavirus here.’ Very quickly, the police intervened and fired tear gas in the direction of the accommodation.

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I did not want to get out of bed because fights break out regularly and I do not want to be involved in it. But a few minutes later I smelled gas and flames started coming into my container. It was 11 o’clock. I was very scared, I collected my things and my identity documents and left.

“People ran in all directions”

I realized at that moment that it was serious: all the containers were burning, the fire was spreading very fast and people were running everywhere.

I followed and walked towards the exit of the camp. We were hundreds of immigrants, including many women and children, who walked the path in the middle of the night. The goal was to get as far as possible from the flames and reach the city of Mytilene. But after walking for two hours, we saw police buses blocking the road.

It was around 3am and we could not go any further. This morning we are in the same place. We did not sleep all night and no one gave us anything to eat or drink. Luckily there is a small supermarket next to us and we were able to buy food.

“Everything fell apart”

What is happening is dramatic. The whole Moria is on the ground, everything has collapsed! What will become of us? I was waiting for the answer to my asylum interview that I had several weeks ago, but with all this, I have no idea what will happen. I’m lucky because I managed to take business with me but some have lost everything.

People are exhausted. For several months, the authorities have prevented us from leaving the camp. The excitement was palpable. The migrants from Moria remain and suffer too much injustice. We are tired of this life! “

Thousands of migrants spent the night on Crdit DR* First name changed