When Alzheimer’s patients disappear

Disoriented and losing stock, some Alzheimer’s patients can sometimes no longer reach their home and disappear for years, and their relatives then try their best to find their tracks. Reportage.

Hiking is one of the unknown consequences of Alzheimer’s disease. Disoriented and losing stock, some patients are sometimes unable to reach their homes.

This is the case with Hisham’s father, El Mekki Terrak, who has now been missing for five years. “My father disappeared in the summer of 2015, it was July. He was at a friend’s house and he had wanted to return home. And it was from there that we had no more news,” his son explains to France24.

15% of worrying disappearances

Françoise, 64, has also been confronted several times with her husband’s loss of stock. She now wants to avoid a tragedy and has now equipped her companion with a geolocable phone that allows her to follow him.

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According to the police, Alzheimer’s patients account for about 15% of worrying disappearances in France, but so far there is no mechanism for finding the sick, which means that families are still unanswered.