“Manchester City must find a replacement for Sergio Aguero”

A former great Manchester City defender has recommended the English club’s board to start preparing for Aguero’s legacy.

Manchester City need to add another striker to their squad as Sergio Aguero tends to be “injured when they need him most”, says Micah Richards, former Sky Blues.

Eastlands can hardly complain about the performance of their Argentine striker because he played under their colors. Aguero is City’s top scorer of all time, with a total of 254 in 370 appearances. But he is now 32 years old and enters the last 12 months of his contract at the Etihad Stadium.

In addition to his advanced age, Aguero also has the difference of starting to hurt himself too often. Last season, he played only 20 games and missed several important dates on the domestic and continental stage.

“As long as he’s here, Aguero does not want to sit on the bench”

Pep Guardiola asks Gabriel Jesus to compensate for this inaccessibility, but Richards believes that another striker is necessary for this club to be ready for the various competitions that arise. The former Blues defender told Sky Sports: “I think Man City need an extra striker just because of Aguero’s injury in the last two seasons. He always seems to be injured when they need him the most, in the big boys. Matches. How do you want to cope?”

While indicating that City need to strengthen at the front, the former England international acknowledged that the hierarchy is well fixed among England’s vice-champions and that it is difficult for a striker to make his mark. “They have a similar situation in Liverpool where if they go to the market no one will be happy to sit on the bench. If Aguero is in good shape he will start. So it is still difficult to recruit a striker… Gabriel Jesus? Yes, he is not at the same level as Aguero, but every time he plays his record is pretty good. It’s difficult, ” Finished Richards.