“The police used their weapons indiscriminately”

A man died on September 9 in Colombia after being immobilized on the ground by police, who gave him long electric shocks. Released on social networks, the video of the scene shocked the country. During the trial, protests erupted to condemn the police violence, during which at least ten people were killed.In this video, filmed in the Engativa district of western Bogota, we see two policemen attacking a man on the ground and giving him electric shocks with a Taser. The man, Javier Ordoñez, repeatedly shouts, “Please stop!”


Video in the Engativa district (Bogota) on the night of September 8-9. From 0’41 the film shouts: “He says” please “! We are filming you! Leave him alone!”

According to his relatives, Javier Ordoñez drank with friends that night, and they had gone out to buy alcohol. Two police officers then asked them about their papers and told Javier Ordoñez that he would not get away with it. The latter would have responded before being tackled to the ground. For his part, the Bogotá police chief stated that Javier Ordoñez had tried to “beat” the two agents and that the latter had used a “non-lethal weapon”.

Javier Ordoñez was then transported to a police station, where, according to police, he presented “medical complications”. He was then taken to the hospital, where he died. According to the first results of the forensic investigation revealed by local media, seven officers would beat Javier Ordoñez at the police station. He is believed to have died after receiving a severe blow to the head and is believed to have a total of nine shell fractures.

The Minister of Defense said that the two police officers were “the subject of a disciplinary and criminal investigation”.

At least ten dead in protests against police violence

After the video was broadcast on September 9, protests erupted to condemn the police violence. First, hundreds of people gathered in front of the police station where Javier Ordoñez had been taken. They spray-painted him red and threw stones. The police then used stun grenades and tear gas.

Protesters attack police station where Javier Ordoñez was held in the Engativa district (Bogota) on September 9 (geolocation here).

The protests then spread to other areas of Bogota, Soacha (a neighboring municipality) and other cities in the country. Several dozen police stations, cars and buses have been vandalized or set on fire.

A vandalized police station in the Antonio Nariño district (south of Bogota, geolocation here), September 9th.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Results: according to the authorities, at least ten people were killed, of whom seven in Bogota and three in Soacha, most with shots and at least 175 people were injured, the night of September 9-10. For its part, investigative media Public Question registered twelve deaths. More than a hundred policemen were also injured, according to Claudia López, the Mayor of Bogotá.
In this video, which was shot on September 9 in the Suba district (northwest of Bogota), we hear a lot of shots and someone shouting, “Police are shooting at people!” People are running in all directions, and we see a body in blood, from 0’30. Police officers on motorcycles are also visible.

In this video shot on September 9 in the Antonio Nariño district (south of Bogota, geolocation here), the police threaten a man before he breaks a glass bottle in front of him.