a very large majority of young people know about the Shoah thanks to school

About 87% of the young people in question testify that they have already heard of the Shoah and 95% of the gas chambers, despite the conspiracy that is sometimes maintained by social networks, according to a survey by Ifop.

The history of the Shoah is known to a very large majority of young people aged 15 to 24, thanks to the school, according to a survey published on Sunday 13 September. However, the Union of Jewish Students in France (UEJF) regrets that this teaching is impossible in a class of ten.

About 87% of the young people surveyed testified that they had already heard of the Shoah, 95% of the gas chambers and for 80% of them this knowledge was made possible thanks to the school, according to this survey called “Le Regard des youth at the Shoah”, led by Ifop for UEJF and JDD, was conducted from 4 to 9 September.

Note that the genocide of the Armenians (72%) and that of the Tutsis in Rwanda (51%) is still lesser known.

This inquiry is published in connection with the memorial service in memory of the deportees and victims of the Shoah, which is commemorated on Sunday by a solemn service at the Great Synagogue in rue de la Victoire in Paris.

“We can congratulate ourselves on the progress in society thanks to the school for knowledge about the Shoah. About 68% of the young people surveyed also claim to know the Vel ‘d’Hiv compilation when they were only a third in 2012,” states the UEJF in a press release.

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According to the UEJF, “these figures are proof that the school’s commitment, as well as the many stakeholders who are the surviving witnesses or the working associations, are bearing fruit”.

But “despite these encouraging results, one in ten students testifies that it was impossible to teach about the Holocaust in their class, 21% of them observed many critics during the teaching and question the Holocaust. Proportion of other students”, laughs UEJF.

She says “get worried[r]about these particularly important figures. They testify to a latent anti-Semitism in some French classes. How can you be a Jewish student if anti-Semitism is so pervasive that it is impossible to talk about the Shoah? She asks.

Negative comments on the platforms

The survey also reveals the impact of denial statements on online video platforms and social networks. Almost one in three young people (29%) say that they have already read or watched content that questions the existence of the Shoah. Of these, 57% learned about these denial theories on Youtube and 40% on Facebook.

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The UEJF “warns of these figures, which again show that the platforms must immediately engage in a real way in order not to undo everything that is taught in school by allowing easy and rapid dissemination of anti-Semitic content”, she writes.

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