Emmanuel Macron calls for the rapid formation of a government

The French president continues his appeals to the Lebanese political class so that they quickly form a new government that can get the country out of the crisis.

Will France’s appeals be heard? Emmanuel Macron continues to call on the Lebanese political class to keep its commitments and quickly form a new government that can pull the country out of the crisis. Lebanese officials registered on 1your September, during a visit by the head of state, to form a government consisting of technicians within fifteen days, a deadline approaching as soon as possible.

According to an official source, the appointed Prime Minister Mustapha Adib is expected to present the composition of his government to Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Monday, negotiations that previously required several months due to the complexity of the political balances to be respected. “President [français]”continues his appeals with the various Lebanese political actors, which he has undertaken to do”, explained one at the Elysee, without further details.

Emmanuel Macron spoke by telephone on Saturday with the speaker of the Lebanese parliament, Nabih Berri, in an attempt to remove a major obstacle regarding the holder of the financial portfolio, which historically lies with a Shiite, a close friend of Nabih Berri said.

A “foreign print”

The latter, who leads the Amal movement, a Shiite party allied with powerful Hezbollah, said his party did not agree with the prime minister’s method of forming the government and that he did not want to join it under these circumstances. However, he said he was always ready to work together to restore stability in the country.

Nabih Berri accused the lack of consultation and also hinted at “foreign pressure” to form the government. The same expression was used in a speech on Sunday by another ally of Hezbollah, the Christian leader Gebran Bassil. International aid of several billion dollars was promised to Lebanon in 2018, but these funds remain pending a credible structural reform plan.

A “road map” established by France contains a series of measures aimed at combating endemic corruption in the country and restoring the economic situation in Lebanon, which in particular involves restructuring the financial sector, while the pound is in free fall and throwing many Lebanese into poverty .

Historical division of portfolios

In humility with public statements, however, Mustapha Adib, a Sunni diplomat, would be determined, according to several sources, to question the historical division of ministerial portfolios on a denominational basis.

However, every new government must benefit from the support of the country’s main denominations.

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According to Lebanese political sources, the decision taken by the United States last week to sanction allies of Hezbollah, as a “terrorist” organization of Washington, did not facilitate Mustapha Adib’s task.

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