In Iran, the girls deleted from a math book … But added by internet users

The new academic year will begin in Iran on the 22ndSeptember, despite the Covid-19 epidemic. But parents of students have discovered something curious about the official mathematics textbook for the third year of primary school. While in the previous issue, girls and boys playing together were drawn around a tree, but the girls were removed from the cover of the edition.2020. Angry Internet users have decided to offer their own coverage.

This discovery, which dates back to September 9, shocked in a country where 57 to 60% of students are women and who has the only female winner of the Fields Prize, equivalent to the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, Iranian Maryam Mirzakhani.

The Iranian graphic designer behind the original cover image posted a message on her Instagram account, declaring that she was shocked by the change made without her permission. For many Internet users, this decision by the Ministry of Education is a new attack on Iranian women by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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But this anger was not limited to the virtual world. Parents of primary school children rolled up their sleeves and made their own blankets. Some even wrote a photo of Maryam Mirzakhani to paste on the front of the textbook.

Others used animated character stickers to paste them into the open spaces where the female characters were.

Others painted the young girls themselves in the dedicated places.

“My son and I took the girls back [sur la couverture]”I urge you to do the same,” explains this Internet user in his publication on Telegram.

“And here’s the solution, you can not remove the girls”, posts this Telegram user.

Many Iranian artists also created their own cover and shared it on social media for parents to download and paste instead of the current cover.

This wave of anger caused the Iranian Ministry of Education to react. On September 10, they later said that this change came after their “aesthetic experts and psychologists” judged that the cover was “too busy”, which led to a decrease in the number of characters.