Ireland condemns Boris Johnson’s ‘lies’

On Sunday, Irish Justice Minister Helen McEntee dismissed allegations made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the European Union was threatening a “food block” in Northern Ireland.

In a column published in the British newspaper on Saturday Daily Telegraph, The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson found a new argument to defend his intention to partially reverse the Brexit deal. He claimed that he was forced to do so in the face of the “threat” that the European Union (EU) would set up a “blockade” in Northern Ireland through an “extreme interpretation” of the text, preventing food products from Britain. United to enter.

“I must say that we never seriously believed that the EU could use a treaty, negotiated in good faith, to block part of Britain or that they would actually threaten to destroy it. Britain’s economic and territorial integrity,” he wrote.

But according to the Irish Minister of Justice, the argument is incorrect. “That is simply not the case,” Helen McEntee responded to Sky News as discussions on a post-Brexit agreement escalate. this week’s all the consequences that this will create a new frontier are simply wrong. “

Helen McEntee recalled that the provisions on Northern Ireland in the Treaty codifying Britain’s withdrawal from the EU have been accepted by both parties to ensure fair competition after Brexit. They also want to avoid a physical border return to the island, bloody of three decades of “problems” until the signing of the peace agreement on Good Friday 1998.

The Treaty “also guarantees the integrity of Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom”, said the Irish Minister, “it guarantees that we will not see any border reappear”.

With AFP