PSG-OM (0-1), Thomas Tuchel: “A fantastic match from us”

The Parisian coach took everyone on the wrong foot by stating after PSG-OM that he had seen “a fantastic match” for his team despite the defeat (0-1).

What is your analysis of this defeat?

Thomas Tuchel: It can happen in football. You can lose a game by bad luck. We controlled the game, we had a good game, a great performance. I’m not surprised, but it was still impressive. We controlled the game in all phases. We recovered many high balls, 28 touches in the opponent’s area. It was exceptional, but unfortunately we can not control the result. It is bad luck that is clear. Our reaction in the end is too much. But we must separate our results from the results. I saw a good game from us given the circumstances.

PSG starts the season with two defeats. Do you think that the holiday week for your players will cost you these losses?

You know that in Lisbon we played after four months without training. This team has done something exceptional. They needed vacation, that was the only solution. It was necessary. (…) We have been missing goals for a few weeks. We will continue and if we continue we will get results.

Could you talk to Neymar?

He told me it was a racist insult but I did not hear it on the pitch.

Many of your players have lost their nerves. Shouldn’t you show more calm in this area?

We have a team of many South Americans. Their mentality gives us special things. We are a very emotional team. It is also a strength for us. During the last three minutes, it would have been better if we had been calmer, but it is also something that gives us a lot of energy and character.

In addition to his red card, what did you think of Neymar’s return? And what did you think of Di Maria as well?

I am very pleased. They only played with one exercise. We did the same with Alessandro Florenzi. We are very happy with these individual performances. The only thing to do, to increase the volume, is to get them to play. They have to play, it’s part of their preparation, but unfortunately we have already started the league. (…) I’m not surprised, but it was very impressive. I did not expect such an achievement against a team like Marseille.

Neymar just tweeted: “The only regret I have is that I did not hit that idiot in the face.” What do you think ?

I think we all have the same opinion. Racism cannot exist in all societies, in football, sports and our lives. The coast is clear. But I did not hear that today. Not the judge either. I can not make a settlement of it.

Can we get news from Keylor Navas, absent tonight?

It does not matter. He must have been on the bench, but he was sick and now he has back pain. He thought he was ready to stay on the bench this morning, but in the afternoon he felt it was not possible. It’s not a big deal.

Benjamin Quarez, at the Parc des Princes.