a tragedy that repeats itself for families

In the United States, fires continue to rage, from north to south of the west coast. North Complex Fire in upstate has killed at least 14 people. The small town of Berry Creek was almost completely destroyed. A tragedy similar to the one experienced two years ago in the neighboring town of Paradise, where 85 people had died. A family was at the heart of these two fires.

For the second time in two years, Paul Clement and his daughter have to live in a caravan. Their home in Paradise was destroyed in Camp Fire 2018 and they had just started a new life in the nearby town of Berry Creek. But a week ago, the family had to flee again after the fires that ravaged California.

“I thought it was awful to drive through Camp Fire, but this time it was even worse … The fire creates its own storm with glow and fire spewing on each side of the road. more than 15 meters and I felt the heat through the car, explains the father of the family.

Paul can not go back to his house, but as journalists we have access to the area. When we show the pictures taken on the spot, the reality is brutal. Two years later, everything has to be rebuilt. The family seems ready to start over here again.